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    Manual mode turns off automatically while in D and upshifts

    This is normal. Operation is described in the owners manual.
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    Power Liftgate mod recommendation ?

    Ummmmmmm, all I can remember is just fitting them, so presumably they were fully extended? Not sure.
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    Parts for highline rear camera retrofit

    Finally available huh? I'd been bugging the VCP team for months before giving up :)
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    Parts for highline rear camera retrofit

    Dealer won't be able to calibrate it. You need the camera with a Golf dataset and they're as rare as hen's teeth.
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    RGB Ambient Lighting for Mk7 and Mk7.5

    Read the OPs. Mine is behind the glovebox.
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    heated seats retrofit

    Run the basic setting to reset the occupied sensor.
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    heated seats retrofit

    They've swapped Mk7 seats with Mk7 seats, the airbags will be fine.
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    heated seats retrofit

    Airbag modules?? What faults have you got. Post an Autoscan.
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    Super cheap OBD II Scanner/Reader

    It's not difficult to find decent ELM327 scanners. They're ubiquitous given the chip is the foundation of virtually every basic OBD2 scanner on the market, including the one in this thread. Basic scanners are a false economy on a car like this anyway considering they'll only scan the engine and...
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    Super cheap OBD II Scanner/Reader

    Same applies to the above though, no? I recently bought 5 ELM327 dongles that are iOS compatible for about the same price as this listing. Each to their own, but this seems like spectacularly bad value imo.
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    Super cheap OBD II Scanner/Reader

    What's wrong with an ELM327 dongle that costs pennies from China and use the smartphone you already have? That's an incredibly inflated price for such little functionality.
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    Multiple Error Messages on MK7 Golf

    Scan it or else you're pissing in the wind. I'll still put money on an ABS sensor though.
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    Front Assist is not Available

    That's not calibration. Calibration is not possible without the calibration boards. That's resetting the emergency brake counter..........
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    Direct TPMS kit retrofit ... anyone?

    Your guess is as good as mine!