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    5G6827940A 041 - TCR GTI Spoiler

    I am so surprised (and mad) that none of the Chinese sellers have copied this yet. They would sell millions of them. Maybe.
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    Oettinger Spoiler Knockoffs

    I still can't find a knock-off of the Clubsport or TCR lip spoiler. The real ones are out there for $300+.
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    Wheels spin coming out of 1st when it's slick out followed by thunk thunk noise

    What does the LSD sound like when it kicks in on a Performance Package?
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    Wrong Sway Bar Installed on PP Cars from factory

    Looks like they have been discontinued.
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    Rear Red Side Markers. Is there a bulb?

    My passenger side rear red marker is out. Is this a bulb or an LED? I can't seem to find anything about these lights.