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    Hi. I'm very interested in a short shifter. How do I order one?
    Hi!! I saw your topic of 'Chimera', it´s awesome, I like it very much all the mods you have been doing... I have a 1.4 tsi mk7, very similar to yours. I would really like to put the same spoiler fins you have! Any chance you have the part number? I know you said it has been discontinued but I want to look if there are any around. Thanks!!
    I did beta is20 work with George. I did a dyno run with Very conservative settings. Lower peak boost (about 17) than I was getting with is12, but holding a couple psi more on top.

    240hp with 300ft at the wheels.

    After that I added boost to peak at 20 and hold out 4-5psi average more than is12 on top end. The logs looked great and and more is on the table.

    Winter came, so no dyno run on those settings. But I see no reason why they wouldn't be more than 250hp.

    My feeling is that 250-280 wheel is possible depending on supporting mods.

    The real story, even at 240hp, is the extra top end. Even at 240 wheel, I was making more power everywhere with almost no loss in the bottom and a huge gain on top.

    The is12 and jb1 would taper down to 9psi on top. I have the is20 and jb4 tapering to 14 now. 5 More psi all the way to redline!

    It felt real good even at 240hp.
    :p oh wow it took me a long time to figure out I have messages

    np! you didn't freak me out, it was cute <3 and I saw your bunny in a store at princeton, nj. :x except with a mustache and a burger. i was so tempted!
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