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    Cruise control issue?...

    Any fix to this issue? I’m experimenting the same exact thing. Started happening after after having a weak battery and wont go away. Air bag light is also on and wont clear
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    Multiple Errors - including airbag, autohold and ACC

    Did you ever figured it out what the fix was? I am having exactly the same codes and issues. Tried replacing the battery and no fix. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you fix!
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    BFI upper trans mount insert for 2018 GTI DSG?

    Hey for the engine side was everything good by just using the 2x4 wood without any type of cushion foam in between? I’m just a little worried about cracking the pan lol but great write up!!
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    Engine Mount -- Is It Done?

    Hey i know this is old but was it really easy removing the rivet? I’m not sure what kind of metal is that rivet made off so just wanted to know if it was really easy or a pain to get it out
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    Clunking After New Brake Pads Fwd/Rvrs - Brake Pad Clips?

    Did you get this sorted out? I’m having the same problem with my z26 making the same noise moving fwd or back. Please let me know, thanks
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    EQT Tuned

    Have you done any sort of 40-100 or 60-130 by any chance? Maybe dyno runs? Would love to see some date. Just purchased the same stage tune. Thanks
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    MAGIC/MAJESTY (eBay) 16.4 liter Intercooler

    Definitely worth every penny! Picked up mine locally from a guy who bought it and never used it for 125$, no hoses, but stock one work perfect. So far IATs stay 10-15 degrees from ambient on cruising around 50-60mph. On pulls youll see 5 degrees over ambient, maybe less. Im actually waiting for...
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    MAGIC/MAJESTY (eBay) 16.4 liter Intercooler

    I will! Once I install my uni stage 2 again Or buy the EQT tune 😅. Accidentally flashed back to stage 1 a few months ago and couldn’t back out of it... lol (long story!)... now my laptop is giving headaches 🙄. Might have to go get a new one. however, as of the stage 1 im running i feel the car...
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    MAGIC/MAJESTY (eBay) 16.4 liter Intercooler

    Finally installed mine today! Prop to the guys that found out about this IC! 👏🏼
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    How are the EQT OTS / base Accessport tunes?

    Hey I’m also In the process of changing from Unitronic stg 2 to EQT stg 2 93oct. Do you feel like EQT is faster at all? Like would i notice better performance over Unitronic? Please let me know... Thanks ahead