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  • Good morning and Happy Holidays to you. Wanted to reach out to you as I have pulled the trigger on some suspension upgrades and as it is, they are identical to your current setup: koni sports, H&R OE Sports...

    I am also putting in new strut bearings and OE strut mounts along with some TT mk2 spacers to address reverse rake.

    That all said, I wanted to thank you for your time posting here as your input has made a difficult process much easier. I am a picky guy and would be crushed to spend some serious coin only to not get what I wanted. Second, I wanted to see if there was any other insight I should be aware of moving forward. I am not doing the install myself but have a good shop that I will take it to for the install. Any points I should be specifically asking about to ensure a good install? Appreciate any advice or experiences you can share.

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