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  • Hey, I was looking at a thread of the AWE DV Relo Kit and saw that you have (or had) the Neuspeed P-Flo and the Awe Kit. I am interested in this combo but Im worried the harmonic sound will remain. When you installed the AWE did the harmonics disappear or did they remain there? and if they remained were they as noticeable or were they bearable? I really want an intake for the sound but cant stand the harmonics that come with it.

    Well you could help me sell this intake I have! Lol nobody wants it for some odd reason... grrr. But you said that part I need for when I install the full pump is a camshaft follower right? And what are some things I can do for cheap horsepower without going ko4? Thank you so much for all your help! Ill try not to aggervate you :)
    Hey! it was cool meeting you again! I will def keep in touch cause I do have lots of questions lol all my friends have jap cars so they have no clue!
    Thanks but Hmm idk, I just haven't dealt much with ebay and paypal, I'd be more comfortable paying with a debit/credit card. Also sites like Redline Motorworks sells them for like 30 bucks more than the ebay seller, I've pm'd them but no responses.
    Hi, where did you get your FK's?

    I've found a few cheap sites but I've heard if FK coils aren't bought from an authorized dealer, you can't use their lifetime warranty?

    I just don't want to get fxcked over
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