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    2019 GTI 6MT Performance Issues I'd Like to Correct

    Xds isn't noticed if you turn ESC fully off and helps turn in on a PP car. This thread is rambling, no one will every find anything useful in it.
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    2019 GTI 6MT Performance Issues I'd Like to Correct

    In stock trim, it's frustrating at 10/10th. With a few minor mods, it's the best handling FWD car I've owned. The path to getting there is short and cheap. Stop complaining and just do it.
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    2019 GTI 6MT Performance Issues I'd Like to Correct

    I own both non PP and PP GTI and autocrossed and tracked both Not marketing BS. The PP car puts power down better out of corners, brakes and tires run much cooler (allowing closer to the limit driving longer) and stock for stock, PP understeers less. OP, the car needs decent tires, a rear...
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    Golf R Full Track Prep?

    I wish I liked the Camaro, because at every price point it's fantastic, but I just don't.
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    H&R rear sway bar (26mm) with Moog endlinks for mk7 15+ VW GTi

    Can't believe this hasn't sold. It's the exact setup I have and it's perfect for the mk7.
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    Picking a wheel that will clear the brakes ('19 GTI)

    They held up fine to 2 years of autocrossing and are now my daily wheels.
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    Picking a wheel that will clear the brakes ('19 GTI)

    Konig Runlites in 17 x 7.5 fit over PP brakes.
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    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    My guess is most cars stopped stalling after a certain mileage, for the most part, and we all got the flash and reported that our cars that had already stop stalling weren't stalling.
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    JB4, good tires, rear sway bar. That gives you a fast, fun, good handling car that will has a better chance of being reliable than if you heavily mod. Keep it simple and address the main shortcomings.
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    Oil weight

    Have you maximized neg camber at the 3 mounting bolts for strut top and the slop in the 3 bolts for the ball joint/LCA mounting point? There's more than you'd think. I'm stg1 OTS cobb 91oct on 93oct fuel, with a square 245mm RE71R set up with -2.4, .02 toe out front and -1.8, .02 toe in rear...
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    Rear Sway Bar + Endlinks Inquiry

    Can't do that in Street classes, which is where the GTI is most competitive, though if you care about that primarily, the SI is the right answer in GS. Dear lord is it fast out of the box no real work needed.
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    Group Buy: Apex ARC-8 Wheels

    Are you a bronze bro or basic black. Answer carefully. :ROFLMAO:
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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread

    Anyone near Jacksonville Florida, I have G2 caliper paint you can have 50% off. I bought it and didn't use it, but couldn't return to Amazon because they don't take flammable things back.
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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread

    I'd be really surprised if they don't fit.