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    Ukraine - CB1111 Serves Evening Spam on a Platter

    They're cowards, they won't put skin in the game, just incite others.
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    Ukraine - CB1111 Serves Evening Spam on a Platter

    Divorced from reality, just like Trump and Putin.
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    Squeaking noise when driving

    It's a common issue with tracked cars.
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    Slave cylinder/TOB failure

    I had a dealer try this BS recently. I told them my warranty isn't with you, submit it to VWoA. VW approved it within 5 min. Fuck dealers.
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    Squeaking noise when driving

    Likely a small rock stuck in the caliper, rubbing the rotor as it spins. Usually driving backwards for a few feet will dislodge. If not, pull the caliper off and see if you can find it.
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    DerHase's 2019 GTI Rabbit Edition: HPDE shenanigans

    Yeah, I cooked the brakes at Daytona, which is actually hard to do, it's pretty easy on brakes, so I put hydraulic brake booster back to the stock value.
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    My AutoX journey

    Where do you autocross that your tires don't get as hot as tracking? Are you new to autocross and just don't drive hard? Seriously curious. My toy tires get hotter autocrossing than on track. And it's the number of hear cycles and or overheating them that kills them, and a FWD GTI overheats...
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    My AutoX journey

    The Michelins don't chunk with proper inflation. The issue is they heat cycle out with half the tread left. Just a miserable combination of understeer on entry and oversteer on exit in my old NC. This was MPSS on a 2400lbs car, but I've heard the same complaint with the MPS4S.
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    Brake cooling ducts: Any interest?

    Would be pretty cool if you could get the TCR ducts to be functional. Scoops like in the German kit on a lowered car spells trouble. I initially used GT3 deflectors instead of RS3 and they get pretty torn up.
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    But your left leg looked hot.
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    Low speed clunking/knocking sound

    Come by my house and I can listen at the front of the car and see if I can pinpoint where it's coming from.
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    CSB 2: Forum Celebrates National Taco Day

    I ate taco before lunch, then had tacos for lunch. I win. Or did my wife win? Not quite sure who won, but someone won.