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  • Hi,
    I noticed your signature says you now have the 2016 Mustang 5.0 as Auto and used to have a '15 GT with manual and 3.73 gears. Did you changed it due to the manual transmission itself? I have read not many good things about the MT-82 transmission and I'm thinking about moving to a GT PP with manual as my next car. So I was curious if that was the reason you made the switch? Thanks!
    I am the person who asked advice on a GTI, PP vs non-PP as a DD.
    I noticed that you also have a 2015 Mustang GT.
    So it happens that GT with track pack is also in serious consideration.
    I currently have a 2008 z06 as a DD. My thought process was that the Mustang would be a step down from a Z06 while GTI would be a move in completely different direction. I like the idea of a light car (had e36 M3 for a while). My question to you, having driven both, what do you think.? What also stops me from going the Mustang path is a new Camaro. Its a very capable car, and with 1LP package on the way, it makes me very exited.
    So the choices right now:
    1) dont buy anything, take audi S4 back from wife and enjoy it for a while
    2) GTI
    3) Mustang GT with TP
    4) wait for 1LP camaro to come out.
    What do you think? Your insight is appreciated!!!
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