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    Passenger rattle solved!

    I can relate to most, if not all, but I gotta say you're really lacking in mechanical sympathy there. Getting into the throttle when the oil is 180? Are you mad?! 212 for me and even then I think to myself 'but would the gearbox be up to temp by now?' In a world without petrolheads we really...
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    Passenger rattle solved!

    Don't give in, it'll consume you haha!
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    Passenger rattle solved!

    I cannot thank you enough for this! I too have the same rattle and kinda cracked it by shoving a rag in between the seat bolster and the armrest but it was finicky and unsightly. It also prohibited my gf from moving the seat so as to not disturb the rag😄 I didn’t place the microfibre cloth...
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    How to retro-fit the Mk8 rear suspension aero covers or stone guards to a Mk7 Golf.

    I've been going through your guides and enjoyed reading them even if not all apply to my model. So when it came to this mod I naturally decided to get the parts and give it a go. In my eagerness to get going and skimmed through the intro and jotted down the part numbers. My decision was further...