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  • Hey bud, I started a thread with a few pictures, but put them in the Wheels/ Tires/ Suspension section, you mind moving it to the Photo section? Thanks, man!
    Ik hem 'm via een autohandelaar gekregen, dus ik heb geen idee, maar aanhouden zullen ze me hier niet LOL.
    Zo! Wat is het stil aan jouw kant ineens....ik probeer je 2000+ posts in te halen.....
    Please moderate the Australian section, things have just gone too far!

    It would be great to be able to actually enjoy the section again without all the people starting dumb whinge threads.

    Don't blame Saad either its not his fault, just people who think its funny for some reason making parody threads... :(

    Hi there,

    Yesterday afternoon there were several antics going on in the Australian thread. Most of which are stupid and inappropriate.

    Some pointless threads were started by me. As sign of my sincerity in apologising to my fellow Australian forum members, would you please arrange for the threads I started yesterday to be deleted.

    Alternatively, could you please advise how I may do this or if in fact if I delete my profile if that will remove associated threads/posts.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    If you don't mind...

    Could I find out why I cannot:
    - start/create new threads
    -send/receive private messages

    Thank you for removing that post and my subsequent reply - for that I apologize. And I apologize for that drama being brought here. Have a great weekend!

    Jeff Olsen
    Could you please delete a post in the "Ask a Canadian Salesperson" thread by a member called disappointed09. He has slandered me and attacked me in that thread. Please delete and ban him. I would sincerely appreciate it.
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