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    thinking of getting rid!!

    its the final straw now with my golf now I think. after 6 trips to the garage and them saying theres nothing wrong with it. this morning I was taking my kids to school and I was stuck in a little traffic. I pulled away and was crawling at about 5mph and then suddenly the hanbrake decides to stop...
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    sat nav update help!!!!

    wondered if anyone can help. I'm in the process of updating my sat nav.on the website do I download all of segment a or b or am I best to download smaller segments for just my country.?
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    My mate asked me earlier that he thinks his gtd has a problem. His car will only rev when idle to approx 2500 revs. I said that doesnt sound right so i tried it in my tsi and mine would only rev to around 3500 revs. This obviously is normal but why???. Ive not noticed this with previous cars ive...
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    Fiesta rs!!!!

    I know this is a golf forum but has anyone seen the new fiesta rs thats being released next year. I think i am in love lol!!. Absolutely love it. 250bhp coming from a I bet that thing will fly.
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    Creeking noise!!!

    Jumped in my car this morning and noticed whenever i turn the steering wheel under 10mph i hear a weird creeking noise and a slight vibration coming from the dash area. Any ideas!!!! Ive just booked it in but cant get me in till next tuesday.
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    New wheels question

    Im close to buying some montani alloy wheels off a polo blue gt. I think they are a bargain at £450 with tyres that have done only aporox 1k miles. Does anyone know if these would fit on my golf and would it be a straight forward swap over.cheers.
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    Burning smell

    Twice this week out of nowhere i have experienced a really bad clutch burning smell inside the cabin in my car. Im not even putting my foot on the clutch and its happening. Any ideas anyone??. Its booked in but cant fit me in till 12th oct. Ive been having issues with a knocking noise from the...
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    Gt badge

    Does anyone know if a polo blue gt grill emblem fit on a golf gt grill. The grill looks virtually the same as the polo i think lol.
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    Headrest question

    Probably sound a bit dum but how the hell do u take the headrests out?.i bought some cheap seat covers but a bit too small to go over the headrest.cheers.
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    Machine mop.

    Driving along the road the other day and a big bus was coming the other way. It was quite tight but as i was driving i brushed against some branches twigs that was sticking out into the road. A nice faint white line all the way down the one side of my car. I polished it and tried some scratch...
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    So glad i bought a golf!!!

    Does anyone else agree that the adaptive cruise control on the golf is just brilliant. We was coming back off our holidays last night and the rain was terrible. I couldnt see a thing infront of me coming down the m6 motorway last night. The radar thingy was unreal,keeping me a good distance...
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    Changing wheels.

    Might sound thick but im thinking of purchasing some serron 18 inch alloys for my car. Is it just a matter of fitting them straight on and away u go??. Ive never purchased any alloys for my previous cars so dont really know.thanks.
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    it just keeps getting better!!!!!!

    after the 4th time of saying there wasnt anything wrong with my car i took it in last week and a mechanic drove my car and said there wasnt something right and told me too book it back in. i really believed i was starting to get somewhere so 9.00 am this morning it was taken in to vw dealer by...
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    Hope my car gets sorted.

    Well tomorrow my golf goes in for hopefully to be fixed. After 3 visits of saying theres nothing wrong with it they have finally admitted there is. He mentioned something about bearings at the bottom end and he needs to strip the gearbox. (Something like that anyway). I dont think this is gonna...
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    Map updates

    Wondered if anyone can help. I have the discover navigation head unit in mine. Do i have to update it myself ie sat nav.... If so how do i do it and how often?. I originally thought that when it goes in for a service the dealer does this. Is this right?. Any help much appreciated.