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    VW Family

    Uncle has a 90k mile Rado G60. My cousin used to lease a 3 door golf, but went without a car for a year and is now leasing a Jetta MT. Once he is done with college and gets a job he will make the right move and get a GTI. And I used to have a Mk4 GTI neva lose edition. Miss that car but the...
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    MK7 TSI Golf Bi-Xenon Light Flickers

    Glad to hear its resolved! And that it was only a bulb issue, I stand corrected!
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    Wow - This Anti-VW Video from Scotty Kilmer Jumped The Shark

    Mass manufactured German cars are generally easy to work on. Ex. GTI, BMW inline 6 non turbo, MB 6cyl. difficulties do arise when awd is added into the mix, twin turbos, V8’s, etc.
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    What to buy? GTI or GLI? That is the question...

    Yeah from reading the post the only reason you are justifying the gli is for 2k in savings. Why not buy a used gti to pocket some more savings? Like a 2018 model?
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    Maody's Golf 7.5 GTi TCR on Tracks (mostly Nordschleife)

    Every track is boring after going on the Nordschleife! I used to do some laps at Watkins Glen and I would always look forward to it. Now, I have no interest haha! This thread is awesome!
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    Golf R Clubsport build

    Bravo malaka, you keep making this golf more and more badass! I really digged the C55, got any links on that build or was it just suspension and brakes?
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    Do Golf R/GTI's "fall apart" as they get older?

    Diesel gate TDI returns where owners were able to return their cars in that shape for full price?
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    Vibration on 2021 GTI fixed

    Very nice! Glad to hear that solved the issue! Do you know if dealer sprayed foam or zip tied the fuel line down?
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Nicest golf here with beautiful paint!
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    MK7 TSI Golf Bi-Xenon Light Flickers

    Hey mate, Let me show you some images so you know whats what. ballast: igniter: If the problem is the bulb, then it wouldn’t flicker. Usually bulbs that fail will just turn purple over time and eventually go out. The fact that it is flickering means that there is power going to the bulb and...
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    Got scammed by Wisebrady for $400

    I’m loving the stimmy references, really cracking me up!
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    Got scammed by Wisebrady for $400

    This thread is legendary. OP, small price to pay for a lifetime of experience. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again. And if you are young just sacrifice some drinking weekends and pick up an extra shift to make up the money. In five years you won’t even care about $400 but you will care about...
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    MK7 TSI Golf Bi-Xenon Light Flickers

    I used to retrofit multiple headlights. Issues were usually bad connection where I had to bend back a pin, canbus cancellor, or ballast. Since you have a stock setup I would generally disregard first two and go with ballast. You can diagnose by swapping ballasts and seeing if problem follows the...