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    Pchop Request

    I am leaning towards black because it is a universal color that looks good in every situation especially on a white car. I just need to do something different because cleaning takes up too much time I no longer have the comfort of! How does plastidip hold up if I tried cleaning the wheels with...
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    Pchop Request

    Before and after hand compounding the wheels. Brushes and sonax can only do so much...
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    Pchop Request

    sonax, iron-x are done every three weeks in the winter. im not going to sonax and iron-x my wheels almost every day in the winter. thank you for the suggestion though. Still looking for a photoshop if someone could be of assistance.
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    Pchop Request

    Hey guys, looking to plasti dip my winter wheels since I hate compounding all the orange off by hand after every winter. can someone photoshop my wheels into a different color? Looking at either black, red or blue.
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    Idle Hands (or the quest for a 480 mile tank)

    Congratulations!!!! That's awesome!
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    How many unscheduled repairs during your first 100k?

    2016 GTI S 3 Door -Tail light housings were not tightened down properly from the factory and resulted in water getting into hatch. One wire was severely corroded because it was not properly insulated and heatshrinked from the factory. Had to cut out the bad part of the wire and splice in new...
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    Idle Hands (or the quest for a 480 mile tank)

    Go to 500! You have the 2.5 gallons of gas in the car, so you will be fine!
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    Best product to eliminate swirls on Black GTD?

    It all comes down to experience and skill. It will take time and multiple attempts to figure out your own method to polish away swirls. try using different towels as your buffing technique may be fine but the way you are removing the polish with a towel may be inducing swirls.
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    Seiko SRPD51K2/SRPD87 Blue Dial Blue Nato SOLD!!!

    I will eventually buy this watch in the future! Really fun piece I could have enjoyed modding up or leaving as is!
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    Seiko SRPD51K2/SRPD87 Blue Dial Blue Nato SOLD!!!

    SOLD! (For $184 shipped) on WUS. Thanks GolfMK7 for letting post on here!
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    Please Delete

    Please Delete
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    Post your Watch and GTI Pics!

    Waiting this epidemic out
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    Another failed thrust bearing victim :(

    330k miles original clutch '84 MB 190E. Family car for 27 years before we sold it, I still miss that car.