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    Keyless start / stop button

    Mine is still the same so will get it looked at when it goes in for the next service. One other thing is that I don't always get the engine starting message on the dash. Think it always comes up on a cold start, with glow plugs, but not when the engine is warm Car is a '16 GTD
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    Keyless start / stop button

    I don't drive the car so much now and my wife was saying today that she sometimes has to press the button more than once to either start or stop the car. Tried it myself today and it doesn't feel as positive as I remember it. Anyone else had similar issues? Warranty ran out three weeks ago :(
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    Replace Key Battery! on dash display.

    Had the car serviced this week and VW recommending that the batteries are renewed every 6 months
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    Mk 7.5 Dash Bezel

    I'm thinking about changing my 8''mk 7 display screen for one from a 7.5. Does anyone have the VW part number for the bezel (trim) and any idea of the cost from a main dealer? Have done a search on here but no luck so far. Any help much appreciated :)
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    Discover Pro MIB 2 Strange behaviour

    A couple of things happening recently and just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues 1. This has happened two or three times. DAB radio 2 (;)), comes up to the news a 9am and the sound goes off. Turn the volume knob or change via steering wheel and the blue volume bar goes up and down...
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    GTD Seats

    Anyone had problems with these? (the tartan ones :)) We've had the car about a month now and are loving it, but my wife is getting back pain through poor lumbar support in the seats, even though the setting is on full. We had a 1.6tdi Match before and have previously had many cars including a...
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    New Member GTD Manual Estate

    Hi All Just joined up after picking up new car just before Christmas. Have added discovery pro, dynaudio, climate screen and phone connection from the factory along with a dog guard, front and rear mudflaps, rubber mats and rear bumper protection from the dealers. Having a few issues...