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    Talk me into (or out of) a DSG tune...

    My favorite mod to date, from a drive-ability standpoint. I did it the day Eurodyne released its TCU tune so that was five years ago. Without the tune, IMO the D is too much like economy and S hangs too long.
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    DSG ruins it for me

    Recommend you perform a basic DSG adaptation reset and see if it has any affect on the shifting. If you are using OBD11...
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    What a MIB I have?

    Although this is for MIB1 to MIB2 and you have a MIB2, there is some applicable information on what you need and who can perform remotely for you here:
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    Mobil 1 Rebate

    Mobil 1 rebate program started on April 1st through September. $10 rebate for a 5 quart jug with limit of two. Walmart is not listed as participating retailer; however, they have not been listed in the past and I have never had a problem obtaining the rebate. Current rollback price is $22.88...
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    Garage Door Opener Mod

    The "seat eject" is awesome! The shift knob is sweeeeeet.
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    Dying sound system?

    My main point was if it is not done under warranty I would not take to dealer as they will install a new unit and this should not be an expensive repair. A straight swap is easiest as a dealer will be able to remove component protection and reinsall FeC's. It gets complicated when you add...
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    Yes. Below are the part numbers for the FeCs. If your car came with the FeC then it is associated with your VIN at VW's database (FAZIK). "For reference, these are the FeC’s I know of: 5G0054830A - App-Connect $208 5G0054809 - Driving Modes. $118 5G0054802 - Voice Activation. $138...
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    Dying sound system?

    If it was me, I would order a new head unit from a junk yard, purchase a vas5054 and contact Jack to have him remove component protection and reinstall functional enablement codes (Fec's) or you can have your dealer remove component protection and reinstall Fec's. The dealer is likely to charge...
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    Sound deadening

    I did some anti-resonance and sound absorption treatment of my GTI a couple years ago. Anti-resonance treatement is already pretty good, but if you drive a subwoofer hard a little extra is helpful in the rear. There is no carpet dampening material from the rear seats back, covering that will...
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    Replacing Fender Speakers - Does Fender System Have Crossover?

    No I went a different route. I can tell you that the fender amplifier has a seperate amplifier for the tweeter and main speaker and the impedence of each is 2 ohms. I ripped out the fender amplifer and used an aftermarket amplifer with a crossovers for main and tweeter.
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    Adding Vibrant resonator and expanding stainless pipe

    Not a lot of help, but I have been down that road. I had a beautiful Eurojet downpipe and attempted to weld the larger Vibrante 1142 to it. The shop I took it to did not want to do it. I ended up going with a turn key solultion of the Ultimate Racing with the Vibrant resonator and selling the...
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    1016 Mk 7 Stock Head U Amp Location

    Addison Bit 10 with remote, Alpine MRV-V500 amplifier, Focal 165AS speakers front and back, made my subwoofer from a thread on this forum. A lot of work running wires, sound deadening, etc., but I am pleased with the results.
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    Fender Audio Wiring Harness Schematic? - 2019 VW GTI MK7.5

    They are all available here: Get a one day subscription with printing rights and download all the manuals and schematics for your car.
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    1016 Mk 7 Stock Head U Amp Location

    The head unit (HU) located in the glove box is the same for both non-Fender and Fender. The difference is the coding of the HU units are different, Fender units do not use the speaker outputs connector and a MOST (fiber optic) is connected from HU to amplifier which is under the drivers seat...
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    It has been a few years since I did this so I had to refer the article and distant memory to try to answer. I had difficulty following what you were asking, so rather than answer each of the 4 question I will state what is required another way. The green and yellow connectors are removed and...