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    Removing alternator

    Not sure if you have seen this. I noted that it has you remove the A/C compressor, but you do not remove the lines. – Remove the A/C compressor from the bracket. Refer to ⇒ Heating and Air Conditioning...
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    7+ years on VWR springs

    The rears and front to lesser extent would not stop the rebound after the bounce. The body would would continue to oscillate after a bump.
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    7+ years on VWR springs

    I too have had my VWR (blue) springs on since early 2016. Struts started to indicate issues about 25K miles later. Went with Koni yellows. Quite happy with the setup.
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    How to retro-fit a bigger capacity battery to a Mk7 Golf

    Hola, This is a decent tutorial.
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    Won’t start Help please!

    That is bizaar. I would look at all the interlock switches. If DSG, that car is in park switch and brake switch. Not sure were the start relay is. Might be time to pull out the schematics for the start circuit.
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    Where Does The Garage Door Clicker Go?

    There have been posts on using an adding a button at stick shift button location and wiring to your gutted garage door opener and stashing guts in area under stick shift. Easy and clean retrofit. I purchased a VW mirror that had Homelink (programmable garage door button).
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    Trying to tap into the turn signal wire mk 7.5

    On the MK7 it was pin 9. Schematics were provided here:
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    MK7 Climatronic upgrade with instructions and pictures.

    I had a similar experience until I performed the compressor adapt function described in the first few pages of the initial post. Here it is:
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    Infotainment replacement costs?

    I paid $200 for a replacment unit off of eBay. I had to use a VAS5054a to have the Component Protection removed and D link to install functional enablement codes. This is a post on a retrofit, but some of it applies wrt the component protection and FEC install...
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    No. I never have had the VIN of the donor car.
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    VAS 5054 & D-Link Dub E100 Network Adapter Rental

    Out of commission. VAS5054 broke. @xabhax rents:
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    Making Golf Interior Quieter

    No experience other than my jacket, but the Thinsulate acoustic material really looks good. Superior to the foam I used. May have some challenges getting to to compress enough, but looks doable.
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    Ukraine - CB1111 Serves Evening Spam on a Platter

    Here is a link to verified charities supporting Ukraine relief efforts.