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    Changes are coming

    Not bad this new interface.
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    MIB 2 and playlists

    Just picked up my new GTI PP DSG today and although the interior is familiar from my previous 2014 GTI PP manual the car is a blast. Have been messing about with the new MIB 2 and compared to previous generation it is a step forward however I can't get my head around it with the Media...
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    Plastic side skirts - take apart

    Does anybody have a clue how to take apart the black plastic trim under the sills? Hope it's the correct name for the part (picture below)
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    Air Recirculation turning off by itself

    Couldn't find anything related around here nor on the other GTI forum so has anyone noticed or had this issue? Basically, each time I am turning on the engine and I press the air recirculation button, the amber light comes on as usual then in the next second it turns off. If I press again on...