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    DP O2 spacer help

    I am on stock tune with a catted downpipe and no CEL for 10k miles. For me, the position of the actual spacer made no difference for the CEL. (My o2 spacer is pointed towards the back of the car if that helps at all )
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    Driving mode light question

    I’m not sure about a known method, however I imagine there is a way to code this out via VCDS or OBD11.
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    Dogbone mount

    I want to get a dogbone mount/insert to avoid wheel hop. any insight about which insert is the best for street driving/longevity would be appreciated. In addition to that, is anyone aware of a correspondence between build date and the 2 different versions/types of mounts or do I need to...
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    Does anyone have a review for Whiteline lowering springs?

    I have no experience with lowering springs on my car but I’ve heard lots of good things about the VWR sport springs. That being said, I definitely have personal experience with buying cheap(er) parts for my car and I’ve ended up replacing them with the more expensive parts every time
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    Where's the sweet spot?

    Emissions tests arent required in colorado until the car is 7 years old
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    Heating warm for about 30 seconds then goes cold, please HELP!! :(

    might be the Blend door/blend door actuator? Do you hear any sort of clicking/tapping noise coming from under the dash? that's my only thought if the thermostat was already replaced.
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    Does a Catted Downpipe really do anything??

    Sheesh... someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed :ROFLMAO:
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...USPS Covert Ops 'Inspection Service' - Elite Policing Social Media And Golf Forums

    youre comparing shelter with clean running water to people who barely have clothes that have to carry their drinking water on their head after walking miles to get it...
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    APR stage 1 low tq dyno at 5,280 feet of elevation

    plus, Jamie knows a thing or two about 4 cylinders...
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    APR stage 1 low tq dyno at 5,280 feet of elevation

    was Brent there today? both him and Jamie are hands down some of the coolest people I've met through the car community.
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    Just went apr stage 1 + dsg tune

    I would consider it a loud crackle lol
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    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    yes those stickers do add like 5 hp