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    How to retro-fit the rear subframe harmonic damper from the Audi A3 Saloon (2013->)

    The MK7 Golf DSG is equipped with DSG type DQ200. The reason for the noise which is described as "coin rattling" noise is due to excess spacing between the transmission forks. In later iterations this spacing was reduced so it's quieter but it still exists (my 2016 has it).
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    [Guide] How to replace the fuel door actuator module

    Intro So as most of you may know, like most VAG cars, the MK7 comes with a fuel door actuator that helps you open the fuel door by simply pushing it in, instead of those awful fuel door opener buttons most cars have in the driver's footwell. This is a really convenient feature, especially for...
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    2016 1.4TSI MK7 Misfire

    The fault codes are due to hacked MIB2 unit… my battery is new Spark plugs and ignition coils are OEM NGK.
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    2016 1.4TSI MK7 Misfire

    Adding a video of the engine noise when the misfire occurred. You can clearly hear the "roaring" noise...
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    2016 1.4TSI MK7 Misfire

    Hi everyone. I own a 2016 1.4TSI (150HP) Golf MK7 which had no issues whatsoever ever since I bought it. About two months ago I started my car and was sitting idle for a few minutes and then the check engine light flashed and the engine sounded rough. I knew it was a misfire so I immediately...
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    RGB Ambient Lighting for Mk7 and Mk7.5

    Wow, this thread has sure made lots of progress since I last visited it! Any news on what kits are recommended nowadays?
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    Retrofit ambient lighting for Pano sunroof

    So this module projects the LED and the tube simply distributes it?
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    Retrofit ambient lighting for Pano sunroof

    You misunderstood my question. I do understand that you connected it to the footwell lights. My question was - what lights did you use for it? Did you use the AliExpress lights, or create your own using optical tubes? Can you post links to the items you used?
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    Retrofit ambient lighting for Pano sunroof

    Oh wow, that looks really nice. Did you end up buying the kit from AliExpress? I see your sunroof is bigger than mine, I assume it's a golf wagon?
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    Retrofit ambient lighting for Pano sunroof

    Amazing progress my man! Please post media when you can.
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    MK7.5 Digital Cockpit retrofit

    So, I finally want to attempt this retrofit, and was wondering a few things after reading this entire thread: 1. Some people were required to replace their CAN Gateways. Mine is GW MQB Mid P/N 5Q0907530AH. How do I know if it fits? 2. Several P/Ns for the virtual cockpit. How do I know which...
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    The seller I purchased from sent CAN extension adapters so you don't have to cut the original wires. I suggest removing the residue.
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    SABO's MK7

    Yikes, I figured he'd be gone by now. Anyone has any idea which I should use?