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  • okay... let me know if you hear any updates on it. they should really be plug and play. i used to have a mk5 back in the UK and upgraded to the OEM LED rear clusters.... no issues at all... no coding... piece of cake! shame its not the same here
    hey dude!, actually I didn't. I'm really waiting for more mk7 gti owners to adopt the car and do the modification before I try it. I don't like the idea of having to modify the wiring on a brand new car to install the taillights. Also, the coding is a bit of an obstacle for me.. this is my first euro car, (japanese cars never needed this kind of thing) so I want to make sure its done right.

    once more people get on board and there is some sort of harness released that doesn't involve modifying the wiring, then I will definitely do it. OR if I find someone that has already done it, and can install it for me, cleanly.
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