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    Fuel gauge and cold weather.

    Hi, Has anyone else experienced their fuel gauge 'sticking' when the weather gets very cold? UK is in the grip of 'Hysteria from Siberia', so we're not used to it! Thanks in advance.
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    ACC question.

    Hi, Does anyone know if ACC is affected by fitting the space-saver wheel? TPMS shows a tyre is a different pressure/size (as expected) because of space-saver.
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    Glove box bulb.

    Perhaps a silly question.... But do the interior bulbs on UK spec cars work with canbus? Thanks for advice in advance.
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    Alloy wheel colour.

    Hi, Does anyone know the vw paint code ( if there is such a thing) for standard GT 'dijon' alloys? Stonechips & a small scratch need a touch of tlc, but they're too small for a full refurb. Thanks in advance.