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    Lion Learns to Open Car Door
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    Top Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure
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    Attn: Jordan & Sterling
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    Have You Ever...

    Had a wet fart that kinda feels like a little came out? Terrifying, isn't it?
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    Any Wet Shavers?

    I recently got into wet shaving and I'm loving it. I still need lots of practice but it's definitely a much better shave with less irritation. Anyone else on here doing the old school shave thing? Here's my setup. 16-The Old Fashion Way by bhanphotography, on Flickr
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    Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

    Enjoy. :smile: C&C welcomed. :thumbsup: IMG_6032 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_6038 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_5909 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_5890 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_5895 by bhanphotography, on Flickr
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    Shooting at a Connecticut Elementary School

    27 dead 18 of them were kids. :frown:
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    Initial D Fifth Stage

    IT'S OUT!!!! :happyanim::happyanim::happyanim: 9U6a9m6mzU4
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    The Newsroom

    I've been following this show and I absolutely love it. 55SEO9Cn9rs
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    Happy Star Wars Day!

    May the fourth be with you.
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    Mad Men

    What gives? I finally caved and watched about 8 or 9 episodes and I honestly don't see what all the hype is about. However, Alison Brie & January Jones does make it worthwhile. :wub:
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    Skyrim Anybody?

    Or am I the only nerd?
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    Old Spice Man vs. Fabio

    ykCExCla1tE Full Playlist:
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    Attn: LPhiE