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    Traction Control weirdness

    Thanks, fellow old guy. This is has not reoccurred since I asked about it. Nothing else has been acting up, so I'm filing this under random VW wackiness, at least until it happens again.
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    Traction Control weirdness

    Thanks for the replies. I had Haldex service about 15000 miles ago.
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    Traction Control weirdness

    My 2016 MK7 traction control came on every time I tried to accelerate on a clear dry road after the car had been parked for less than an hour. I found a safe spot, pulled over and shut off the car. After about 10 seconds, I restarted the car and it's been fine ever since. Has anyone had a...
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    Keyless entry not working?

    It appears that the problem is the fob. I'll clean the contacts and try it again, but everything is working perfectly with the 2nd fob. Thanks, All.
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    Keyless entry not working?

    I removed a 2025 and replaced with same. Thank you.
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    Keyless entry not working?

    I have just experienced this for the first time in my 2016 R. I got a replace key fob battery message, and put in a new Duracell. When I went to drive the car, the door switches weren't working and I had to hold the fob to the column to start it. I stopped on my way to work and bought another...
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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Season 6 of Bosch started yesterday. Already binged 3 episodes, expect season 6 to be finished by tomorrow night. o_O
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    Wide tires

    My car is my daily, I won't be lowering it. I don't have great pics, and I can't get better ones until my winter set up comes off. Maybe these will help?
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    Wide tires

    Anotero, the tires in this size look good on the 8.5" rims. When I first got the wheels, I put the 225/40's on them, and that looked terrible. I ordered tires that same day, had them swapped the next weekend.
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    Wide tires

    This angle probably doesn't help you much, but Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ 245/40x18 on 18 x 8.5 ET 45 wheels, stock suspension.
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    Tire Recommendation?

    My A/S3+ didn't get really noisy until I had over 25000 miles on them. Now, at 40,000+ (5/32 tread depth), they are so loud that I was sure I had a bad wheel bearing. Then, I put my X-Ice winters on, and the car was almost completely silent. The A/S 3+ are great for a daily driver, but they will...
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    Another failed thrust bearing victim :(

    I'm the owner of an old sports car with a poor thrust washer design. The engines are known for having the thrust washers wear and fall into the oil pan. There are a couple of things that those of us with these cars do to relieve some of the potential stress and wear to the thrust washers. One of...
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    Dealer claiming my heated mirrors are aftermarket?

    My 2016 came with heated, manually foldable mirrors.
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    16 MK7R APR Stage 1

    I went Stage 1 on my 16R at about 100,000 km, I'm up to about 115,000 km and have no regrets, and am greatly enjoying the increased power. I say go for it.