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  • Hey. Me again. I have coded everything I want with the lights except one thing. When i pull the light switch in AUTO mode for the fogs to come on, the main headlights comes on too even if its sunny. any way to code it to that I can get the fogs on on AUTO mode without the headlights coming on too? (and they still would come on when dark....)
    Hi DV52, I would like your help. My Fender sub was stolen from my GOLF 2015 and I was able to get a new one. However I don't have to wiring diagrams to proceed with the new installation. I just found the following where you mentioned something about a wiring diagram but nothing is posted (the file is not in your post). Can you help me to get this information?

    Thanks again
    Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for a PDF that I ran across. It is the one that is a "how to" map the adaptation channels for VCDS. I found this PDF to be very helpful an now have all of my channels mapped out.
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