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  • I'm running the APR Carbonio stage 1 and 2 intake. A little expensive but nice quality, its a true cold air intake and it runs the stock location MAF. The AWE system is nice too but it does not use the stock location for MAF. So in the future you may run into issues if you get stage 1 APR, Revo or Unitronic tune. The only system not too picky about MAF location is GIAC tune. DG springs work well. Heard nothing but good about them. They are not too low that they put undo strain on the rest of the suspension and you won't have to change your oem struts and shocks unless you want too.
    If you go with APR, later, you can upgrade to stage 2 for free! Go with the guys at HS tuning, they truly are the best! They can also check out your vibration. Liked your red GTI, that was the color I was looking for but couldn't find it at the time.
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