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    Golf Sportwagen on R Wheels

    Hello all, I am trying to convince my SO to get a Golf Sportwagen. She has a thing for big wheels, even if she doesn't know it. I recently saw a Golf Estate on here with the 19' Cadiz wheels off the Golf R, I believe it was black. If anyone knows the car, or owns the car, I would love to see...
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    FS: Spulen Dog Bone Insert

    This piece has never been installed. I tried to install it yesterday, but could not get it to fit. I sprayed it with silicone lubricant and did my best to push it in, to no avail. I decided it wasn't worth damaging the insert or my mount, so I just stayed with the stock configuration...
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    Any?one in Oklahoma

    Anyone in Oklahoma? I just passed break in on my Mk7 and was curious if there were any Okies on here who met anywhere to talk cars and other BS. Currently in Norman and work in OKC.
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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    1995 Oldsmobile 88 LSS (Supercharged baby!) I miss this one for the Lols 1976 Chevrolet Silverado (350 w/ long bed) Only had 62,000 original miles when a tornado took her away 1993 Mazda Mx-6 (2.5 V6 w/ 5 speed) First tuner car, died at 227,000 miles 2002 Nissan Maxima SE (3.5 V6 w/ 6 Speed) Was...
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    GTI Club Sport Wing

    Hello All, I am new to the VW/GTI group and have only put about 1000 miles on mine so far. During this time I have been doing modding research through this forum and others. So, I have decided that I really want the Club Sport rear wing for my car. Do any of you have one, or know where one...