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  • Thanks guys haha, the ride is a little rougher than stock but for the most part I think it's the same. You can only really tell a difference when there's a big bump, they don't let the car go up and down, it's just a really quick down then up if that makes sense. I would recommend coilovers to springs and shocks because 1) they will ride better than any combo you can come up with and 2) shocks are not cheap, I found coilovers for a little more than I was going to spend on just shocks!

    I have not been pulled over for having it lowered but have been warned by many many cops and many people tell me I can get a ticket. I have property in Oregon so I have Oregon plates and the cops here don't have jurisdiction on stuff like that, because they don't know the laws in Oregon. So tint and lowering and modification laws..I have found my way around.. =)

    Don't worry about getting pulled over for being low, cops have much more to worry about, you will get noticed for tint before suspension.
    saw pics of your car. love the stance. i have the same car, but 2 door. i was wondering how the ride is with your suspension set up. im debating coil overs
    to springs/shocks .
    have you been pulled over for having it lowered?
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