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    FS: 4 Austins

    Up for grabs are 4 Austins that came off my GTI. Tires only have about 4k on them. Wheels are in great shape. Zero curb rash. Located in South Florida. Asking $800.
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    What is this?

    Damn! Thought I had something cool
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    What is this?

    What is this? Hub cap from an older vw? I was walking my dogs today and found it on the side of the road.
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    OEM s3 rims and tires

    Looking to sell my current wheel setup. Tires are Bridgestone re760 and have less than 5k on them (235/35/19). Rims were opti coated before tire installation and are in very good condition. A very small scratch is on the face of one of the wheels (will post picture). The wheels are...
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    ECS Flush Kit

    Up for grabs is my ECS Flush kit. I recently got new wheels and these spacers are slightly to big now. Front is 15mm and the rear is 20mm. Included (not pictured) are the proper size lugs that came with the kit. Please take note of the second picture as there is a very slight dent in one of...
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    US car made for Canadian market???

    I was searching my VIN on the vw website for recalls and I got an error message that said my car was made for the Canadian market. I live in the US (florida). Is this strange?? I also saw my build date was 11/14, so that means I have the potential for turbo failure? :confused:
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    Formula 1

    He is going to be fun to watch over the next few years. He was driving so aggressive today, i love to see it! Glad to see him walk away okay after going head first into that barrier on turn 1
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    Formula 1

    Hamilton handled it like a pro but was totally screwed over today! He drove fantastic today and deserved to win but hey things happen and it didn't work out for him today.
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    Strange hesitation under Acceleration?

    I have started to notice recently while driving my car there are times that it feels like it hesitates slightly under acceleration. I have noticed it twice so far while driving under normal/city driving conditions with the A/C on. It is noticeable while it is happening and almost feels like...
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    Tanner Foust and his 900hp Passat

    Has anyone seen Tanner Foust drift his new 900hp Passat?
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    FS: Austin Wheels

    Selling my Austin wheels. Can sell with tires or without. Wheels are flawless. Tires have 4k on them. Located in South West Florida.