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    Mirror puddle light retrofit?

    I did in personal message ive just sended to you few min ago
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    Mirror puddle light retrofit?

    Ive just bought a complete set on ali express --> folding and puddle light was pretty straight foward plug play and some coding took me 1hour for both sides prehaps thats an idea?? And its orginal too :))
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    Retrofit mk7.5 bsd

    Yes your right
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    GTD and lowering springs

    Ive lowered my car with the Eibach pro 30mm down ive made picture before and after im on the 19inch gti wheels
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    Plastic battery cover?

    And the use for this ? Other then not see the battery :)
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    GTD Remap questions

    What sound you mean is it like a lil hummin sound when you start the car up ? I have that too after my chip but i drove 14k after the chip with the sound problems ever so :)
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    Retrofit mk7.5 bsd

    Hi guys i want to retrofit bsd on my golf 7.5 gtd Anybody have a how to ? Or any good tips and advices before i begin ?:)
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    Sound Deadening Idea--Is it bonkers?

    Ive done my var after retrofit the dyna audio but i only did the doors allot of work and tbh the sound is better the bass i mean but the efford and the money if i knew back then what i know now i would not have done it saved me like 200 euro
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    Front Console Cubby Light with auto switch

    Looks perfect this one im goin to do soon :)
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    8V RS3 Seat Swap into a Golf MQB

    To be honest i dont like em but thats my opinion but im still following this seems interesting :)
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    Exhaust without DSG Farts

    put a diesel engine in it and its bye bye farts haha and you still have that sexy R look on your car
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    Help needed with Installing Rear View Camera

    Hello everbody i have a a problem i cant seem to figure it out and i hope that on this forum people actually do :D Ive bought a rear view camera (OEM) from our internet marketplace but the camera was only with the cables in the rear hatch so i went to the VW dealer and bought the...