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    Bill de Blasio, the new Mayor of New York City

    what is your sales tax and income tax brackets? 13% sales tax in ontario, and 45% income tax above CAD$80k IIRC
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    POHL - Wings, boneless or bone in?

    bone plz. boneless are processed chicken! (most of the time)
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    Funny Audi Comic RE: Avant models, etc. (Troy, click here)

    How well did the M5 wagon do e60? How well did the e55 amg / e63 amg wagon do? Wagon's with power don't do well here. Look at the CTS-V wagon, selling 1/100 of the regular CTS's. Not worth it in terms of BUSINESS
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    Bought a gaytronic crossover this weekend

    QFT. Just cause the car is cheap, don't mean you can afford to fix the problems.. which there will be with that engine.
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    iRacing for PC? Pretty good game. Very good simulator. I just torrented F1 2013 and playing that for free is better :)
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    ^ So you think shooting would have solved the problem? 1 dead or couple injured. Make your choice. SMH
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    iOS 7- Love It or Hate It?

    my iphone 4s is slow as balls now
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    Mayweather vs Guerrero

    you can stream it on firstrowsports
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    2014 Lexus IS!

    i like the grill more than those atrocious taillights
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    Golden Bay

    Sexy interior
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    Test Drove GTI Competitors

    Test drove a 2009 Honda Civic Si 2 door and a 2009 CObalt SS T/C 2dr mind you i have never driven a GTI so i don't no how they would compare. The Civic is a screamer. Sounds like a complete animal when i was in VTEEEEK. Pulls pretty hard too, but again there was no low end torque. The shift's...
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    She has a BF Hope its not a repost!
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    New Vehicle for Pops

    My dad's lease is ending on his 525XI and he is in the market for a new car. Now we go skiing 3-4 times a year, and try to go up as a family but the new car shouldnt be only for that, just for consideration. I have taken 2 of my buddies with all skiis/boards and gear in my car up north and it...