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  • hi mate. any chance u got any pics of back of your car with the tints? i got same model as yours and really wanna see what looks like!
    Hi there,

    I saw your GTI pics on the official black GTI thread. Looks sick!! I see you have VMR710s matte black. I was wondering if you could tell me which bolts did you use for those wheels? Also did you use the stock VW center cap?

    oh sweet thanks a bunch! i'm really looking forward to getting those wheels... do you know where to get a good price on them?
    i'm new to this forum but i saw that your gti (which look SICK btw) has a lowered suspension on it
    i want the car rims you have (but my 2 door gti is carbon gray) and you said that you have some rubbing so do you think my gti would experience any rubbing on stock suspension? i want the 19" V710 like you have... also, what size and type of tires do you have on your wheels?

    Thanks a lot

    Are your 19" Black VMRs offset 35? and what tires are you running on the rear if you don't mind me asking?

    HEY I LOVE YOUR RIDE!! Sweet setup black on black-the Darkside! What is exact setup i.e tires brand & size & offset pls??; (i know those r 19" vmr710 matte =$ wheels wicked); & what suspension brand & drop?? Any issues with that setup? your help would be greatly appreciated. thanx. Dude thats the sickest ride I've seen so far on this mk6 forum. respect. peace.

    I'll try my very best to make a showing at Springfling tomorrow. I'll probably be there by noon or so. I've never been to Hansa Haus so when I get there where do I meet everyone?
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