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    FS IL Chicago Suburbs - WeatherTech FloorLiners and CargoLiner for MK7 VW Golf GTI R 2015-2021

    Would you be at all interested in selling the cargo liner by itself? I already have the front and rear floor liners.
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    Official Illinois Spotted Thread

    Ah yes. For a while I thought you changed your name to riceburner.
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    Official Illinois Spotted Thread

    I see mostly upper 20’s to mid 30’s dudes, and old guys primarily 🤣. I’m over on the west side by AU.
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    Official Illinois Spotted Thread

    So... a golf or a GTI S?
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    Official Illinois Spotted Thread

    Red MK7 lowered, black wheels, K&N and some sort of weird bear sticker on the rear on 290E this morning?
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    Chicagoland Chat Thread

    Pretty sure my buddy saw that guy lose control and do a full 360 on 20 while making some race video he posted recently. Said he had no idea how he didn’t smack the barrier. He conveniently left that part out of the video. Edit: yea that’s the guy. From the ISF race video.🤣
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    Chicagoland Chat Thread

    You have family out there or is that Vogz place?
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    Chicagoland Chat Thread

    How many miles do you have? Asking because I’m curious when I should start worrying about it.
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    Vape Pen Explodes

    I don't think many people use protected cells in vape devices anymore. Samsung, LG, and Sony all have high quality IMR cells. Why people choose to cheap out on batteries in a device they put in there mouth is beyond me.
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    Cheaper worthwhile mods.

    This is why forums are dying off and FB groups are blowing up. People are to lazy to browse or search, and like posting the same shit every day.
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    If you could have any other Mk, what would it be?

    MK4 since that's the MK that got me interested in these cars. 3 of my friends had MK4's right out of highschool and I always liked them. I got my MK6 years later, And now like my MK7 even more than the 6.
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    The Official Photography Thread!

    Probably in depending on the time frame. Out of town this weekend.