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    Mk7 GTI maintenance (per VW + recommendations)

    You are on right track, the inlet pipe and intake is an easy install. On the Suspension side, some beef up the control arms with polyurethane or solid rubber bushings. The front subframe could be locked into place with a deadset mount kit. I don't know how roudy you'll be laterally with the car...
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    Mk7 GTI maintenance (per VW + recommendations)

    If you are going to tune you could get a colder heat range spark plugs. You could also clean the intake valves via media blasting. For 2015 Turbos are known to fail. Water Pumps could leak and PCV valves could fail and over pressurize the crankcase, causing gasket leaks usually the rear main...
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    Does anyone have a review for Whiteline lowering springs?

    I am back from the streets with real data transmitted from my rear. After a few hundred miles of mixed driving on varying qualities of road surfaces I could say that for me I do enjoy the lowering springs. I can't speak for other brands, but Whiteline dances on the edge of being too much at...
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    Front camber adjustability options?

    These are photos from the installation guide. Looks okay to me.
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    Front camber adjustability options?

    Whiteline has Roll Center Correcting Ball Joints that have an Adjustable + or - .5 degrees of camber. Here. (it is on pre-order though) I have a few of their products and I've been happy so far. Also, this seems like to be the least expensive option for some adjustability.
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    Clutch replacement just for stock tune, possibly Stage 1

    Dual mass flywheels have mixed criticism on if it can be resurfaced or not. I would mention that if you notice slippage it's better sooner than later to replace the clutch if you want to reuse your flywheel. The longer you prolong it, the more the flywheel will get scored from slipping. It's...
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    Does anyone have a review for Whiteline lowering springs?

    Hey Jshinz24, I'm that whiteline guy. If you give me a week I could give you my impression with it. I installed a RSB too so I might be a little biased. I am getting my clutch done so I can't drive the car at the moment. I should be driving tomorrow.
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    Beginner’s Guide / Tips for Buying a Street-Based Suspension

    Hey guys! I would like to add my own experience to this thread. Very recently I picked up some Whiteline Springs and Rear Sway bar. Here are the specs if anyone is wondering Front 4.1kg/mm (229lb/in) rated springs 30mm drop Rear 4.3kg/mm (241lb/in) rated springs 35mm drop I haven't had much...
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    Maintenance Suggestions for new owner w/90k miles

    I recently picked up a gti with 80k or so on it. Two words... The Clutch. I would check and see if it holds power in 5th and 6th gear. You don't have to over do it but if the gear indicator (in the gauge cluster) goes blank under moderate to harsh acceleration you may be in for getting a new...
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    could use your help with MK7 gift idea

    A voucher for a full detail w/ a ceramic coat is a cool idea. Everyone loves a clean car.
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    How to: Make a mk7 6MT Suck Less

    Hey Grantpab, I have all three of those products on my Gti. The super pin is and the super slider are imo is worth it the most. The shaft bushing does help but you'll only feel it when you are shifting into reverse or if your factory bushings and completely worn out. . All could be installed by...