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    Fuse location for the infotainment??

    My infotainment system hasn't been working recently. Not getting any power to it. Thinking it's the fuse but unsure where the fuse is located for the system. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    Glow plug problem

    So recently bought a dtuk crd3+. Fitted it to my car this morning then took it for a quick test drive to see if it worked all seemed fine then. Tonight I've now taken for a spin and the engine glow plug light has come on and isn't allowing me to get any power. But it's letting me go above 30 so...
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    Official Pure White GTI / Golf Thread

    Fitted some golf R lights to my GTD :) here's a few pics!
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    Standard GTD wheels in hyper silver pics?

    Just wondering if anyone has got the standard GTD wheels but in hyper silver? If you can post some that be great ??
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    Best way to tint rear lights?

    Thinking about tinting my rear lights. But only want a light tint, same tint as the R if achievable! I can't afford to buy new r lights either. Anyone recommend a tint spray? If so please share! :) Or is film better?
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    Is there a stage 2 tune for our GTD's?

    Just wondering if and when there's a stage 2 tune for our diesels? Would one ever exist? See loads for stage 1 just thinking we could get more out of these engines surely?
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    New supple GTD spoiler lip (Pics)

    Hi everyone, I've recently been looking round for a subtle spoiler lip. Came across this one from SRS tec in Germany. I'm going for the oem plus kinda look with slight tweeks until it's out of warranty. Spoiler hasn't been painted yet but it's in the process of being painted white tomorrow...
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    Unable to upload photos to the site?

    Trying to upload some photos, but message is coming up saying about security contact admin? Sent admin a email a couple of times and nothing's happened? Craig
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    Searching for a Carbon lip spoiler

    Hi guys im searching for a supple lip spoiler for my gtd. The top spoiler in the pic is vwrs lip spoiler but I'm led to thinking so is the bottom. I'm not sure if I like how it bends round to far on the standard spoiler but the bottom one I really like.But not sure what spoiler they have used...
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    Album artwork not showing?

    Just noticed this ha.. But my friend plugged his phone to play music off spotify and the screen showed the album artwork, but not when I plug my iPod in? I pay for all my songs so they come with the album cover. Suggestions? Cheers
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    Finding the front sensor abit annoying..

    Did a long motorway cruise on the weekend, bristol to Newcastle. I set the cruise at 80mph, but I keep getting annoyed with how far back it keeps you from the car in front. I understand that's its a safety feature, but in some circumstances I felt it wasn't. I felt if I was driving behind...
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    Can a GTD sound nice with an exhaust?

    Hi everyone, Thinking of getting a new exhaust on the GTD (gti style) But worried about it sounding awful. Can I put a miltek exhaust on it and it sound ok? Or not bother. Advice please :) Craig
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    APR vs Revo

    Just interesting to see peoples views on which company people think is best for tuning and parts ect :) APR or Revo
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    L.E.D strip front indicator

    Hi all, Just browsing through photos someone's golf R and I noticited his indicators. Looks like a led strip has been put in. Is this part of the R headlight or aftermarket? Wouldn't mind them on my gtd ha Craig