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    Apr Stage 1 High tq vs. Low tq

    I have not had any experience with either of those tunes but I've heard nothing but good things from both companies.
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    Apr Stage 1 High tq vs. Low tq

    I've had both the low and high TQ tunes (STG1+2) on the IS20 and now the IS38 and my take on it is that I liked the drive ability of the low TQ tunes on the IS20 but I much prefer the high TQ tune on the IS38. The shop I go to doesn't charge me any labour for ECU flashing so I was able to try...
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    Bilstein B14 for $900 CAD?

    Ain't that the truth, especially with the brokerage fees. No duty on items made in the USA though so if/when I can I buy America made parts as much as possible.
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    Apr stage 1 low or high tq?

    I had the APR IS38 low TQ tune for a few months before I upgraded my clutch and switched to the high TQ tune and the best way I can describe it is that the low TQ is just a neutered version of the high TQ. I'm stating the obvious I know but I didn't really get to come to that conclusion until...
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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    I don't think it's really necessary although I don't track my car or anything like that.
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    Spacers with aftermarket wheels

    These might work for you. I have these spacers (10mm & 12.5mm) on my car using hubcentric rings without issue.
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    Anyone running a P34 intake?

    I had that intake on my car for about 2 years before switching it out for the AFE open intake. The P34 looks nice and while it doesn't give you more turbo noise it does enhance the engine noise. I had no issues with mine during my ownership.
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    Jason Cammisa MK8 Hagerty review... OUCH

    I had this thought when I traded in my 2007 MK5 GTI for the MK7.5. There were also little things about the MK5 that were somewhat special ; GTI logo imprinted into the seats, the leather seats were nicer, GTI branded metal door sills, less hard plastics, and a much nicer steering wheel IMO. The...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Not hard at all, the job took about 15 minutes start to finish. I didn't need to remove anything to get to (and remove) the factory adapter so that was a bonus. I used a bit similar to these It is a thing! I did lose...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed the EMD billet coolant adapter today.
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    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    Intercooler>intake. If you have the funds do both!
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    Suspension Setup Pictures

    18' 6MT/DG springs/Bilstein B8. The first 2 pics the car is on OZ Alleggerita 18x8 with 10mm spacers in the front and 12.5mm spacers in the rear. In the winter pics the car is on Neuspeed RSE05 17x8 no spacers.
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    OZ Alleggerita HLT 17x8 opinions?

    I think they look great and the weight reduction is a bonus. I've been running these wheels (18x8) now for over three years and I have had no issues with them. The only thing I don't like is the provided OZ center caps. The top clear layer delaminates from the "carbon fibre" underneath over...
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    I need a friend to hold my hand.

    Absolutely, had I not gotten a deal from a member on here I wouldn't have bought it.