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    Coast-to-Coast Road Trip

    Great write up, thanks for taking us along. Stay safe out there!
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    WedsSport TC-105X 5x112 Pre-orders start now! 18x8.5 under 17 lbs

    Looks great! What tires are you running, and are you on stock suspension? Considering these wheels for my Lapiz Blue 19R.
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    245/40/18 on stock suspension

    Reviving this thread. I'm considering trying 255/40's with my soon to be set of wheels. Looking at a few different brands, but specs will be in the 18x8.5 et44 range. I'm on stock suspension, think I will have issues running this setup?
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    WedsSport TC-105X 5x112 Pre-orders start now! 18x8.5 under 17 lbs

    Beautiful finish on these wheels!
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    APR “Emissions Compliant Drop-in Turbocharger”

    Any idea on the ETA for this?
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    FS: JB4 for MK7/7.5 Group 3 ****SOLD*****

    Great feedback, thank you!
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    FS: JB4 for MK7/7.5 Group 3 ****SOLD*****

    Just in terms of feedback, how does the JB4 compare to the EQT tune? Also, were you ever stage 1 with EQT, or did you go straight to stage 2?
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    New Golf R Owner mk7.5

    Nice! Welcome, and congrats.
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    Stock exhaust... loud?!?

    My wife says the same, but it's more of a deep tone that I think resonates well. It's not necessarily that the car is loud per se, I think the deeper sound waves carry more. You can hear my car from a few houses away when you're inside. My exhaust is stock as well, FWIW.
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    APR Stage 1 or Stage 2?

    I've always had very good results with APR, have been stage 1 on two R's. I have not gone stage 2, stage 1 always just seemed like enough. It is unfortunate that stage 2 with APR is going away, and this makes me second guess going stage 1 on my new R with them. I still may never go stage 2, but...
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    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Installed the dynamic MK7.5 tails today, originally ordered from They actually came relatively quick, within a couple of weeks from order. Also used the harness from Zero815, top notch quality and support. Install went well, took about 2 hours with coding and clean up. Very happy...
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    Detailed up the R!

    Very nice! I'm actually going to be doing this to my R this coming weekend. By the way, what mud guards are you running?
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    FOUND PLEASE IGNORE WTB: OEM MK7 R Exhaust Tips $100

    I may have a pair from my last R. I will take a look in the garage and let you know.
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    I'm on the fence, I have the old unit, but have an iPhone. The old Android phone I was using quit working, so I need to either get another Android (probably pick up a small tablet - would only be for OBDEleven) or get the new version and utilize the iOS features with my iPhone and/or iPad. Has...
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    FS: 2019 MK7.5 OEM GTI LED (NAR) Tail Lamps (low mileage)

    All looking at these lights, buy them, great deal! As for @ZERO815 , his products are 100% top notch, OEM like. I have purchased harnesses from him for both the MK7.5 Dynamic tails and also the MK7.5 NA tails to fit on a MK7, all plug and play (no crimping, soldering etc.) with some minor...