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  • Hey, how much have you dropped your car and what rubbing do you have with your vmrs, if any? what tire size? Thanks! I'm planning on getting these
    Hey, I'm looking at getting Miro 111's in 18x8.5 et 45. Are these the size that your VMR's are? Are you still running the stock size tire (225/40r18)? How bad is the rubbing, if any? Thanks!
    hallo my friend.i'm kostas from greece...i also have mk6 uni stage 2...
    i want to ask you what boost are you running with stage 2???
    i have 1,1 bar , 1,22 bar overboost and 0,8 bar at greece we measure boost in bar.i don't know how much psi are these numbers.sorry....what about you????have you made any dynos with stage 2?
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