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    dubs on the boards (North Wildwood NJ)

    I'm heading down tomorrow morning and staying until Sunday.
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    Is Etuners from Greece good?

    I've had eTuners with Stage 1, Stage 2 then did a remote dyno session on an IS38. Also did a standard DSG tune then when I went IS38 they did a more aggressive one. Overall I've been extremely pleased with the tunes. They were all done with logs and then adjusted, even the stage 1, not just OTS...
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    GTI PP Front Calipers with Pads and Lines

    Up for sale is a pair of front PP calipers with OEM pads and lines. Less than 20k on these. Willing to ship anywhere in US at buyer’s expense. $425 OBO plus shipping.
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    FS: Rear PP Brakes with EBC Red Stuff Pads

    Up for sale is a set of PP rear calipers in very good condition with EBC Red Stuff pads. Willing to ship anywhere in US at buyer's expense. SOLD
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    Costco vs shell gas

    This is worth reviewing Like the "what oil should I use" threads you'll get a thousand different answers and opinions. I just try to keep it simple and go top tier 93 only and call it a day. I've had great experience with Costco myself on numerous cars...
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    Northern NJ Performance shops

    Online I really don't see many negative reviews but when talking to people in person there seems to be no shortage of unfavorable reviews. Ranging from him forgetting to put parts back on cars as basic as downpipe brackets, to over torquing bolts all the way up to catastrophic failures. There...
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    Softer Suspension for MK7 GTI?

    This is a good point. I've run V3s (Twin) on an E82 1M and B16s (monotube) on MK7 and while I did like both the V3s were my favorite. Obviously not complete apples to apples as different platforms but on the V3s I was able to make them more comfortable than the stock setup which is rare. The...
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    Northern NJ Performance shops

    I have used Josh@TCR and been very pleased. On A2B I've heard too many first hand unfavorable reviews.
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    Seat Swap Plaid to Leather MK7.5 (NNJ)

    It may be worth checking AutoHaas as they have a bunch of MK7s that come through and their prices are pretty reasonable on parts.
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    IS38 install_Philly area

    Third for Josh@TCR, he did mine and I drove 2 hours each way for it.
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    WTB: Carbon steering wheel for R

    I highly recommend Urotuning if you're looking for a custom one, I've had mine for over a year and have been very happy with it.
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    F/S: New Custom Made Plaid Keychains and Backpacks

    Made some more over the last month.
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    F/S: New Custom Made Plaid Keychains and Backpacks

    Just a few projects, liked how they came out so offering a few out to others if interested.can add custom embroidery if interested. Done by hand with actual Clark fabric and the items are brand new. Key chains are $15 and Adidas bags are $100 plus shipping.