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    Aggressive wheel fitment thread/stance

    Naw I'm playing. It is an Accord Type S wagon haha.
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    Aggressive wheel fitment thread/stance

    No, it's an Odyssey. 🥴 🥴 🥴
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    Any Wheel Fitment Experts Here

    18x9.5 will fit if you massage the camber at the strut top and possibly at the lower control arm.
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    APR Roll-Control Lowering Springs for the 2015-21 VW GTI (MK7 / MK7.5)

    What kind of answer did you expect to get in an APR thread when asked if OP (who is employed by them) prefers his product or his competitor's? 🤦‍♂️
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    Audi TT (8S) Control Arms

    If you are ok with the track width increase that is.
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    Wow you are so cool.
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    That's my reply dumbo, I'm not the poster. What wheels do you have again?
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    Are you sure? Not saying I don't believe you but I looked into this before and unless the Oreca version for the R4 kits weigh 4lbs less, it sounds sorta off. And the recently released Superturismo Magnesio's also come in at 18.6lb. Anywho, nice wheels, about to put the same ones on, albeit 17x9J.
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    27.84lb, in line with how much Speedline 2120 Race versions weigh. Braids come in at around 22lb for a similar design.
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    Superpro lower control arm machining discrepancy?

    I assume your subframe is locked in place/deadset?
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    MK7.5 TCR Suspension List?

    No he won't, because he's too lazy to do so and want someone else to do the work. e-ACCA is in Latvia. They use Euros - the fact that the Ruble is dumping has no relation on them. Plus even if they were in Russia, you aren't getting anything from them anytime soon. To the best of my knowledge...
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    Will these fit? 18x9.5 ET40

    Depends on how far you want to go camber wise and tire size. Will fit with some mods, no need to pull.
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    FS: JB4 AFR Harness - Avoid Posi-Tapping Your OEM Harness!

    Dodgy shipping? You are shitting on the national postal service of the Netherlands? Sorry we don't live in the high and mighty country that is the UK.
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    FS: JB4 AFR Harness - Avoid Posi-Tapping Your OEM Harness!

    And look when I dropped off the package and when they registered it in the system? Feb 10. You paid me in the afternoon of the 8th while I was at work. So to get it packaged up and sent out was impossible the same day of. Hence the received date of Feb 10, which means I actually dropped it off...
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    FS: JB4 AFR Harness - Avoid Posi-Tapping Your OEM Harness!

    So you do admit to asking about alternate methods of shipment prior to purchase? Who is the entitled one here? I would ship UPS if you requested UPS. But you didn't.