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    How many times has someone opened their car door into your car?

    Some people are just thoughtless jerks, some are malicious.
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    Disable rear wiper

    " “why?” is mute." The word you're looking for is 'moot'. Of course, if you're mentally challenged enough to remove safety equipment, I'm guessing it won't matter to you.
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    Carmageddon: The makings of the next credit crisis could be in your driveway

    "...insane discounts on new sedans" I think part of that is their own darn fault. I love the exterior of the Chevrolet Impala, but won't buy a car with automatic engine stop/start that can't be turned off. CVT? No thanks, Nissan Maxima. And somehow Toyota manages to make the front end of the...
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    Does anyone read books still?

    "Does anyone read books still?" I'm usually pretty still while reading, since I'm not coordinated enough to walk around and read at the same time. :)
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    Latest VW Beetle compared to Mk7 GTI - questions

    "As they say, some cars end up being labeled "Chic" cars. Ford Probe. Nissan 240. Beetle. New." ____________________________________________________ I think these cars are pretty chic also, I just don't like the people who call them "chick" cars. :rolleyes: I'm also glad to learn from this...
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    Socialized Medicine

    "Your pension is pretty generous. I'm still under the old federal civil service plan, and I receive 76.25% for 40 years. It's not 2% for every year; you get stiffed in the first few years. That's before the 10% reduction survivor benefits for your wife, if you so choose. And we use high 3. So...
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    What Cell Phone Are You Rocking?

    Nine year old Samsung flip phone. :)
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    Request Spanish translation help on QC slip

    My GTI wasn't pre-delivery inspected (PDI) very well, I keep finding different things not done or left in. The spacers for the springs were removed though. I've had the car for 10 months, and am very happy with it. I found this quality control slip from the factory in Mexico, and was...
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    Any gardeners on here?

    You USA guys need to remember that in Merry Olde, garden usually means lawn and flower beds, not pole beans and okra.