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  • Anyway The V1 is awesome. I've had mine for 6 years and have probably saved close to $4000 in speeding tickets. And those are just the times I know about. Don't wait till you get that one ticket where you KNOW that if you had a Detector, you wouldn't have gotten the ticket. Trust me, they pay for themselves here in CA. 1 speeding ticket is around $250 or more depending on how much over they write you up for. It is the best out there in my opinion. Ask anyone you know with a really fast car. I bet you thats what they have. I sweat by mine. I'd suggest getting the V1 and the concealed display. I actually have 2 Concealed displays so I have one and a mount in each car so all I have to move is the actual detector itself. Didn't want to spend another $400. I drive my car during the week then the Audi on the weekends usually so I just swap the V1 into the Audi for the weekend then swap it back Sunday night or Monday morning. Any questions you have about it day to day real world use wise?
    Tell me more about Valentine One??? Is it really that good? I still can't decide which one REDLINE, MAX2 or Valentine 1.
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