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  • [Hold on a minute there little trail hand] - if that was aimed at me (I have been called worse) - I don't even know what it means - but sounds demeaning like I am 5 years old and stupid.

    - have another read of what I posted

    - my comment was that as soon as most people hear software fix they shrug their shoulders.

    SO ... if VW are smart enough to pass it off as that will anyone register it - my PC has bug fixes all the time.

    I agree this is not a bug fix it is deliberate deception BUT do you think the public in general once they hear ' fixed by software ' it will mean anything more.

    Anyway my screen TAG is HXP lets stick to that.

    Kind regards,

    Nice build on your car so far man, in for more reviews on the hpfp and the ko4 setup you have going on. Also love the amount of information you can provide us with suspension, i'll be trolling your threads worse than the pedo bear. lol
    Been following your suspension journey with interest . I see that you have previously had the ST coilovers . I am after a comfort orientated coilover set for my mk5 gti and do not want to buy a set that is firm or jaring , and want to preserve as much comfort relative to the stock suspension. Can you please give me some feedback as to how they ride and feel over jaring undulations and abrumpt bumps relative to stock.
    Being in Australia, I know of no-one who has these ST coilovers and am reluctant to buy without receiving first hand feedback. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
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