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  • At this moment, I don't know anyone can vag-com around here since I'm looking one mysely for my wife's Allroad and my GTI.

    I belong a group for NJ Dity Euro but the person used to help me from this group now lives in PA and kinda hassle for him to come by..maybe I can lure him back in Bridgewater with some nice six-packs. Also, don't have much time with meets with 2 young kids.
    Thanks for the info. Few years back when I had my MK6 GTI, Douglas did my stage 1 and 2 there with JR.

    This time I'd purchased my MK7 GTI at Douglas but the financial / loan process went really sour I didn't want to go back to them even for tuning even I know JR and Brian are good guys but I just don't want Douglas get any more money from me.

    So for I have 5000 miles on the car but really looking to go stage 1 since I heard they cracked the code for 16 models but since I did purchased an extended warranty through Douglas, not sure it is best to use them for APR stage 1. but I would think RSW or Linden VW do a better job for stage 1.
    No, I haven't seen you yet. I'm going straight to stage 2. I already payed for my tune and I have my APR DP. My DP and tune were rolled into my loan when I purchased the car at Linden VW. Linden VW is doing the work. They are very mod friendly and I have a good relationship with them. I work 5 minutes from them so that's another reason I use them.

    Bought my MkVI from Douglas. Their a good dealership also but, I never had any mods done there. RSW is awesome...what else can I say...I have a good relationship with them and they did a ton of work for me over the years, including the K04 install on my MkVI. KMD is also excellent. I just had work done there...Unitronic IC, 034 Motorsports dog-bone insert and H&R RSB.

    Where did you buy your car?

    Do you know anyone that does VAG-COM mods around here?

    Also, I'm a member of Garden State Euros. When we have our meets I will let you know so you can come out. It is a great group to join and we have many connections.
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