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    PS4S Fronts roached after 7k

    Hi Denver guy as well struggling with local alignment shops. Mind sending DM with where you've been so we can compare notes? Thanks
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    Anyone running Bilstein B8 struts with aftermarket springs?

    Have them on my car with H&R OEM Sport springs. Ride over broken ground is fantastic, great for a daily with lowering springs. But they are a bit softer than stock and I thought after I installed them that the car lost a touch of the edge it had. But, in order to ride well when lowered you...
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    WTB: Silver Alltrack Mirror Cap

    Really only need the drivers due to lame hit and run for my wife's car. Let me know what you got, thanks.
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    CARB Certified DP/Cat?

    I believe, not confirmed, that you have to pass rapid screen testing twice in the year or six months before you are due for it to count and avoid going onto the rollers. They do list locations they are running the testing at so you can ensure you run past. Best bet is to be running things as...
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    CARB Certified DP/Cat?

    Are you sure about this part? I don't see on the Air Care Colorado site that's called out. It seems that that once you move into the cars 8th year they require an emissions test, which can be waived if you pass the Rapidscreen roadside tests you see setup near highway on ramps and such. Not...
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    Heated seats are weak...

    Same observation here. Yes they work, but having owned a bunch of VAG products over the years with heated seats, the heated seats in both my GTI and my wife's Alltrack are a step back from our previous cars (Mk4, Mk6) in both time to warm and total output.
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    Removed front struts in 10 mins.

    To beat this I used a tip I saw somewhere on here - a ratchet strap around the top of the knuckle and under the floor jack. That keep one end fixed (the car, crazy enough) as you push up on the other end.
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    Removed front struts in 10 mins.

    Nice use of toeclips! I keep some in my toolbox for random use as well, definitely come in handy. Same concept as 2x4 method, less moving parts. I dig it.
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    18x8...35 offset...kinda flush/flush/poke?

    Couple of pics when I was down visiting NC and hit up Tail of the Dragon. No rubbing even when pushing very hard. :)
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    18x8...35 offset...kinda flush/flush/poke?

    Can confirm, running 18x8 et35 OZ rims (Audi fitment) with 235/40/18 Michelin PS4S, slight, slight poke in front, flush back. Fits is aggressive, but no rub lowered on Bilstein B8/H&R OEM Sport combo with front fender screw mod.
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    O2 Sensor Help

    Thanks for the update, appreciated. Took until the third cold start for my light to actually go out, even though I'd clear the code with both my Cobb Accessport and a generic Bluetooth OBD code reader w/Torque app. Wonder if I could have cleared it my VCDS cable, unfortunately didn't bring it...
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    O2 Sensor Help

    Did you ever figure out what this is? Would love an update, having similar issue. Thanks
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    Offset wheel question (stupid question)

    The look you are going for is typically called "concave". This is when the hub is inset from the outer lip. Changing offset (ET) can help you find a rim that offers this. More info here
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    Rear Adjustable Spring Perch / Coilover collars

    Mind elaborating on what travel issues you had with the Ohlins? Thanks!