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    Stupid Brake pad question..

    Flipping pads should be fine - it's common practice at the track to even out wear inside to out and left to right (much easier with aftermarket calipers). Inside pads typically wear faster because the inside runs hotter. Of course if a pad is worn out, using it at all is questionable. Rotor...
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    The outside face of the rotor looks fine. But need also to check the inside face which is more difficult. And there is a dust shield on the inside. A rock chip lodged there is still a possibility. Bern
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    Powerflex Dogbone Insert PLEASE HELP

    I recently got the 034 dogbone and was also shocked by the vibrations at low RPM. With DSG, when in park, neutral or idling with foot on the brake, it's not bad. But as soon as release brake, strong vibs until RPM builds. Concerned that if vibs go away with time, it only means the rubber...
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    Track Datalogging

    +1 on the Racechrono. But note that the data on the OBD bus is significantly limited re pedal inputs, etc.
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    TPMS - aftermarket recommendations - Schrader?

    Jim, thanks, I think I found it here (in Spanish at least): But it's probably more than I want to get into. Bern
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    TPMS - aftermarket recommendations - Schrader?

    Jim, I don't see how that works. The TPMS antenna module shown in the listing (5Q0907273B) is for the Tiguan. No existing coding in the GTI to show actual pressure per tire even if it had a signal.
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    TPMS - aftermarket recommendations - Schrader?

    I'm looking for a tire pressure monitoring system with digital readout, mostly for my track days. There seems to be two styles, one using caps that go on the existing stems and the other using OEM style sensors that are installed inside each wheel (e.g. this one on Amazon: Shrader on Amazon)...
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    Press in studs?

    I used studs for several years on my heavily tracked Porsche with no problems. When I installed studs on my GTI, I initially used too little locktite and had several studs back out. My recommendation is to use liberal blue locktite when installing the studs. I would avoid red locktite unless...
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    Normal pre-bedding rotor wear or need to re-lube guide pins?

    Johann, that is definitely not normal. Is there any chance you have the brake pad reversed such that the backing plate is touching the rotor? Good luck. Bern
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    Any alternatives for macan brake lines?

    For less than two bucks, you might as well do it right.
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    Any alternatives for macan brake lines?

    You don't need to zip tie the Macan lines to the knuckle. Just get the Macan stock clips for that purpose, less than $1 each. Works perfectly. Bern
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    Ambient: 73 - Oil: 275 - overheating & misfires at Sonoma

    I know that high temps with a tune is a frequent topic. I was nonetheless surprised to see it at 73 degrees ambient and especially to suffer misfires. My pace at Sonoma wasn't very fast but I was WOT whenever possible. Oil level is between the hash marks. And I worry about the tranny temp as...
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    Ambient: 73 - Oil: 275 - overheating & misfires at Sonoma

    My first day at the track in my GTI surprised me in a bad way. As in the title, the day was cool - 73 mid-day - but oil temps got pretty high and EPC/CEL came on in the fourth session. OBDC said misfires on cylinders 1 & 3 as well as random misfires. Needless to say, that was the end of my...