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  • Please refund my money, you have ignored my last email since June 22nd... I have enough with you... please just refund.
    Thank you, let me know what you would like me to do with the product I have. Do I need to send it back to you guys or BSH directly?
    Received your package today but its the wrong one. I paid for a stage 2 PCV fix, not the regular PCV revamp for the 2.0T FSI. I continue to call your business but no one EVER picks up or responds to the emails. Let me know about this issue because I didn't spend $270 for a $99 product.
    Ben, are you going to keep on ignoring my messages? what kind of customer service is this? Either refund the money or solve this problem with me.
    Just wondering if you got my PM about my order. You asked my to send you the details. Been over a month since I put my order up, still haven't received even a tracking number to actually let me know its on its way.
    Hey Ben, still no reply from you, figured maybe this was a better way to get a hold of you. I'm still waiting for my refund on the deposit for my VMRs get back to me at right away
    The first email i sent to you guys was on May 19th, and it was ignored.

    From May 22nd, the first email reply from you guys:


    Will look into this for you - must have been a shipping error.


    From May 31st, the 2nd email reply:


    I'll look into this again - strange that it really hasn't arrived yet. Thanks for the reminder.


    Then I emailed again on the June 9th, no reply at all again.

    That's why i decide to post it here.
    you mentioned NTH at all!!! from April 26th till today! this is the first time that you mention anything about being back order! You were saying there could be shipping error!!!
    I haven't heard from you since last week, may you please reply my email. In case you forget who I am, my order number is #263. Please answer my questions and reply my email. I have ordered my LED since April 26th.
    Any word on the h&r's?
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