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  • Ahh right, I meant 17" or 18" not 16" or 17", I'm running 18"s but want new ones, probably 19"s :S Yeah, well no point until the weather sorts itself out!

    Are you a student or working or anything?
    Nah that's what I want to do, there's a few pieces of tar around the car and it's not a smooth finish. I've waxed the car many times and it has improved the look and finish, but I want to get all the imperfections out. The scratch remover is for the bonnet basically! Sorry for the confusion :S lol.

    Btw, just wondering, are your rims 16" or 17"? Can't tell from your pics just!

    I'll probably spend a few days in summer cleaning the whole car, clay bar, remove the scratches, need to touch up a chip on the roof (no idea how that happened), and get it waxed. Might get the underside waxed too, and paint inside the arches black with stonechip paint (maybe). Also need to redo the calipers...
    i dont know how much you know about the effects of using a clay bar on the car but it will simply remove all road tar and other contaminants of the top layer of paint. have you tried polishing the car ? thats what will remove the scratches.

    if i were you id thoroughly wash it, then polish it with a low abrasive polish, then look for any scratches and go over them with a scratch remover and then wax it at the end.

    do some research before spend up to 3 hours using a clay bar on your car that wont make much of a difference. a good test is to wash the car and then rub your hand over the car with a sandwich bag over your hand, and if you can feel little bumps then you need to clay bar the car, if theres not to many then theirs no point.
    Going to order them tomorrow :D once they arrive I'll phone about for quotes on fitting them. Probably drop it until the tyres are just below the arches, haven't measured it yet! Was also considering an air ride kit, but they're £1000+

    Even when I was and wax mine it doesn't come out amazing, I've seen far better paint jobs like, and my bonnet was scratched incredibly when I got the car, so I'll probably use scratch remover or a clay bar sometime in summer to bring up the paint, it's not expensive so might as well.

    I'm thinking about a debadged GTI front end, with a lime green strip to match, not sure which skirts, but going to get either a R32 rear, or a Reiger rear that has the quad exhausts. The only thing is I'll need a custom exhaust since mine's a diesel if I want a good sound, but I know Miltek specialise in diesel performance exhausts! So I'll probably get one of their exhausts. Ordered my new tails last week, hopefully arrive tomorrow, and I'll get them tinted this week.
    that sounds good !! when are you planning on getting them ?

    i heard the racelands weren't that good, maybe if you had a wee corsa or a saxo or something they'd be suitable but not on a MK5 Golf.

    i dont have a clue how much it would be tbh :S but once you find out let us know because ill probably do the exact same as you providing you get good results :)

    how much are you planning on dropping it by ?

    im just after polishing and waxing my car and the result was fantastic. i dont know what your paint works like but unless its pretty bad i wouldn't bother with a clay bar, it wont make that much of a difference unless your really pernickety about your paint.

    im planning on getting a bodykit but i don't know what yet. i really like the oettinger front bumpers and might get an r32 rear but im not 100% it will probably be next year if i do.
    Looks like you only get a notification if you post on eachothers page, but sure.

    Going to get them off some guy, think he's around lurgan and I've heard it's around £50 for the 3 rear windows, which isn't bad, and apparently you get a lifetime warranty... But that's only what I've heard.

    Yeah, well I haven't heard many reviews on the Racelands, so I'll probably order the FK's on Wednesday :D any idea how much it'd cost to get them fitted? Cause I'm not attempting this myself lol.

    Yeah, hopefully when summer comes I'll be out a lot more, still a lot of things I want to do to the car beforehand. Want to claybar it too, so the paint doesn't look as bad.

    Are you planning to do much to your MK5, bodykit etc?
    i was gonna get the FK streets i did some research and havnt heard any bad reviews, there not to pricey either which is always a bonus :)

    do you know were your going to get the tints ?

    showing off......sounds good :p lol
    ill probably start to go to meets once summer gets a bit closer.
    cant wait :D

    and btw i didn't see the reply on your page :S still havnt worked out how to work the pages lol
    Don't know if you seen the reply on my page so....

    Yeah, I'm saving up for my coilovers atm, not sure between FK Streets or Racelands... So gotta think about that first. Also want tints, but that can wait... After coilovers, it's tinted rear lights, and going to do custom blacked out headlights, possibly with blue/white angel eyes.

    Mostly guys just turn up and show off their cars, I haven't been in my car yet, and don't know anyone around Belfast, except my mate, but he's driving a MX5. But gonna go to a few events and hopefully meet a few people
    Hey I'm basically at Castlecourt. Haven't had a chance to get the car out to any meets, sort of want it lowered first. You ever out? I know there are meets most Tuesdays and Thursdays at the seacat car park if you are ever at them?
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