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  • Here's a shaved GTI rear, if I got the r32 I wouldn't shave the reflectors, just the lower valance.
    Yeah thats no problem. Are you on facebook or anything? if so...
    And tail lights... I don't want them to look like r32s, so I'm not going to tape them off. Just ordered a debadged front grille, just a standard debadged grille and a notch filler. Worked out at £26 for both shipped, so that's the next plan.
    Want an oettinger front, with the cf lip, shaved r32 rear bumper (ie without the exhaust ports, gonna keep the exhausts underneath, diesel would get dirty ;P), not sure on sideskirts as of yet...
    Not sure how dark for the lights, but probably darker than r32, but just get superbright LED bulbs to make up for it.
    Nah, decided I don't want to lower it just yet ;)
    Jeeze man, that's dedication! Mine's stinkin, haven't had a chance to clean it in a week. Also not getting springs... decided I'd save for the body pieces first. Although getting new headlights in a week, and finishing my tinted rear lights next week ;)
    Saw you driving past today, down the malone road about 10 to 5? Came on to check if it was your license plate, think it was you! Car was looking pretty clean!
    Nah he's not into his cars at all, but my mate I live with is. He has an old MK1 Mazda MX5, and think we are going to buy a MK1 Golf between us and make it a proper show car! Erm, I will change the rear, either going for an R32 rear with a milltek diesel straight through exhaust, but it will all needa been done around the same time, cause dont want to be running an R32 rear with no exhaust to fit it for too long. Probably get the coilovers... Girlfriend said she'd break up with me if I lowered it though ;P lol
    Mrs Parks, geography? Yeah the photos on show that there was loads down, kinda annoyed I missed it myself!
    Dad asked what I want for my birthday... so... GTI front, sideskirts, coilovers? Thinking coilovers myself, so I can sort of my stance...
    Hah, yeah I was in MCB yesterday cause my mates mum works in there, so if you spotted 3 guys walkin about that was us! lol. Your cars pretty sweet for you still being in school like...
    Yeah I was parked around there yesterday at lunch time, my parking was terrible but sure, I was in a rush that's why :p Yeah my illuminous green badges. You at MCB then? If your parking around there...
    Yeah I know... I'm from Banbridge, so I'll head to that one in April. Apparently there were a few hundred cars there tonight, and there was still about 30 when I turned up at 12 after work. Erm no I haven't been to the Bangor ones, but I've drove around the one at the seacat carpark in Belfast, but I don't know anyone...
    Hope noone was hurt man! Yeah, I'll hopefully have it sorted for summer like. There's a jon44w cruise tomorrow (Sunday) night at Sprucefield McDonalds if your interested, I cant go though cause Im in work until 12!
    Ok, so I can't afford coilovers atm... gonna be another 2-3 weeks before I can get them I think! :/
    Hah, I plan to lower mine on 19"s, never mind my current 18"s :p

    Just at my first year in uni, up at Queens!
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