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    guess watches 2008

    I had been trying to find this item for months and finally found it at This amazing store would be the largest around the world, contains in excess of 10,000 luxury items.
    I assumed if you're looking for lovely handbags or watches, you must really get a load than it.
    I was going to do them chrome green, I think there was either a golf, jetta or an A4 at dubshed with purple chrome strips, looked fucking hot! I didn't think I'd like the stickerbombing, but instantly loved it!
    No, I properly sticker bombed them, all separate stickers. Need to tidy up a few corners and then I need to clearcoat them so the stickers don't peel. Then maybe do the 2 door trims later in the week! Bought this and used it for bombing, great book, over 280 stickers, although most of them were too big for the bits I done, but still a great book!
    Yes. Im trying to find out if streetlines fit a 1.4 MKV Golf. Yes, i agree that they are the best coils if you want to spend <600. Thats why i have ordered them for myself.
    I was going to, until i realised that FK Automotive doesnt have a US rep... Their representitive is english speaking, but located in Germany... Ive searched multiple times on different search engines based out of several different countries and havent found a damn thing. Ill keep searchin, but if you find an answer let me know. Im interested in this as well.
    See... i dont understand how hub dimensions would affect the coil design. Ill give FK a call for you on monday since itd cost you about 100p lol. Its tough finding information on foreign models in the US because the internet is plagued with spam and shit. Ill get back to you monday.
    Yeah just a debadged version of this. Maybe with a debadged GT grille, with the 2 black and chrome bars :p But most likely a GTI debadged grille with a lime green stripe to match... Yeah sorry votex, dunno why I said reiger! :/ Yeah had a quick look there, seen most of them on this site! Some tidy cars in there.
    Yeah grabbed a set of lights on ebay for £30 so just sprayed them! Yeah its the badgeless rabbit grille but I hope to get an oettinger front and debadge it in the future! Debagding is hot up front but the only proper is the bumper notch and the hood notch, if you wanna do it right you have to get it filled! And good choice on the reiger, it'll look class! Matt black or proper BMP?
    I took them off, but I might stick them in some night to see if I could get away with them being legal, and if they are close to being legal I'll chuck some brighter bulbs in! Aye those were just pictures to show a mate what I'd done, so was just point and shoot lol. Hopefully go get my debagded grille painted this week too and see how that goes ;P
    I used OMP blacklight, I'd advise not to get it as it drips like a fucker, so my lights have spots of tint in a few places, and it doesn't seem to leave a nice even coat... :/ good news is the lights are pretty simple to get on and off, took me 20 mins swapping all four lights. Bad news is... I should have done the R32 mod, as I think my tails are now too dark over the actual light circles... So had to take them off. I also clearcoated the lights but they didn't come up glossy at all which is kind of annoying... Here's some pics anyway. Definately make the car look sexy!
    Image 1
    Image 2
    Nice, I just found out a mate can fit coilovers for me, so I might get them around summer time, but in the meantime I plan to get either new rims, or get mine refurbed (dad curbed one when he picked it up from the dealer for me...) and do them gunmetal grey... Also bought new dash and door inserts, so probably gonna sticker bomb them soon ;P Tinted tails might be put on the car tonight if I get time too :D
    Yeah I was at dubshed, got a bit jealous of people's mk5s after a while so I just got the photos and left lol. Really want a reiger front now... and if you were there did you see the shaved rears on the 2 white mk5s?
    well bo, am only after starting this dono how to work it really, do yu have a golf?
    do ya know much as regards lowering (i.e camber & front and rear springs) some ppl say coil overs are best, i tink not :/
    Was trying to get parked yesterday, saw your car, so stopped beside and drove past slowly taking a wee look, pretty tidy. Wish mine was that clean!
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