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    ** The Official Beer Thread **

    Our limited can release and our new production bottled beer. Drool.
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    FS: Milltek Cerakote Black Oval Exhaust Tips

    Selling all 4 for $250 shipped.
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    FS: Milltek Non-Valved, Non-Resonated R Exhaust

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    For Trade (Exhaust Tips)

    Would like to trade these black, ceramic coated 100mm Milltek exhaust tips for the equivelent Milltek chrome 100mm tips. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    WTB: Genuine Pretoria Wheels (Hyper Silver)

    Not looking to get beat up on price. Around $1200 pick up within an hour or two of 19701 (Northern, Delaware) or $100 shipping. Want them without any road rash. Normal wear is ok. Would like to see some pictures first.
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    FS: 19" Pretoria Reps

    Bought these to use as Winter Wheels, but selling them for some extra cash. They are gunmetal gray, not hyper silver like the OEM wheels. They are in "Like New" Condition. $500 pick up or $500 plus shipping.
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    What Are The Best Looking OEM Wheels?

    I love mine. :)
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    *The Ugly VW Picture Thread*

    Well, to each his/her own, but this one isn't good. Share pics of the worst VW mods you've seen. :)
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    What Cell Phone Are You Rocking?

    I'm still rocking the Nexus 6P. See no reason to upgrade at this time. :) My work phone is an iPhone 6S -- which I rarely even look at.
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    The view from the seat of the daily driver.
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    Should I buy the wife a Tiguan?

    That front end is hideous....
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    Should I buy the wife a Tiguan?

    Looks good to me. Now the Jetta on the other hand..... no.
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    And I WAS singing that to myself as I posted my picture. ;)
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    Show Us Anything BUT your MK7

    I found it like this.....