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  • Huong dan xu ly khi nop thua thue mon bai nam 2017
    Huong dan lap bao cao tai chinh tren excel moi nhat
    Cong viec cua ke toan ban hang can lam
    Huong dan xu ly khi nop thua thue mon bai nam 2017
    Huong dan lap bao cao tai chinh tren excel moi nhat
    ohh i see thanks bro. I just ordered the kontrol pro's. So excited can't wait! how low can i go on my gti without rubbing? I have stock 18inch hubs
    hmmm.. these ksports are on a gti with their top of their front strut mount cut off for easy camber access. They don't look like 2 settings.

    found this on this thread.

    Anyways. I did some research, and found out I would need new axle bolts when upgrading suspensions. Anything else I would need or should get?
    I thought the cambers settings can vary depending on where the hex bolts are tightened on. Like in this pic, looks like there are more than one two settings to me.

    So basically I just have to set it on the max camber on the camber plate and I'm set? And no camber issues after that? I'm thinking about doing a 2.5inch - 2.75inch drop

    Are the version RR's more for tracking and racing? I'm looking for something just for street and daily driving. Looking into the new Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers.
    That's good to hear. I'm so tempted to get these for my gti!
    Did you have trouble adjusting the front camber plates? Since you cannot access it through the small hole on the top front strut. Do you have to remove the front suspension to adjust the front camber plates? Also i was doing some research about the damper adjustments. Are the rear dampers adjustable from the interior of the car? Something about drilling a hole. Would you prefer to do this? Seems to make dampening adjustment that much easier. And do the ksport rear shocks have to be compressed all the way before they can be adjusted like the koni coilovers. Sorry for all these questions. Just really really curious before i decide to buy coils for my car.
    Hey, i was looking through the forum and i noticed you said you were selling your kspot coils. i was wondering how exactly do the ksport coilovers ride? do they make clanking sounds? and also i was wondering if you have any problems with your camber? is a rear cambit kit needed? Thanks
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