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  • im actually just outside of antrim, inbetween antrim and belfast. ever heard of templepatrick? haven't been to any in a while. would usually head down with a mate who has a red slammed mkii which is pure sweet. haven't been to anything in a while cause only just got my mkv and want it looking mint before I roll up in it hahaa
    have u got an exapmle of the look your going for ?
    reiger ? i said Votex lol
    if your on my fb i just uploaded 80 new photos of some mk5s that look class, deffinatley have a quick look if you have time ;)
    theres some great examples of Votex lips in there
    so have you got two sets of tailights ?
    are you going badgless up front ? thats something i really want to do but id keep the stock rabbit grill with the filled in vents and notch.
    i also decided that im getting a votex lip, they are sexy lol :)
    told ya they wer nice :p
    yea i saw them, they looked class !!
    lots of inspiration :p
    im ordering my coilovers soon....going with fk streetlines ;)
    hahaha thanks. it was last cleaned last friday :O thats ages for me lol
    did u end up going to DubShed at Kings Hall ?
    sounds tasty :D
    i would like to get the reiger front bumper
    are you able to get the r32 bumper with out the exhaust ports !! :O iv never seen 1
    i just think all cars are too high but fair enuf :)
    keep me updated on what you do because ill probably use contacts etc that you use if there helpful ;)
    and about the taillights, tape of the circle around the bulb if u get me and itl still let of a good amount of clean light. thats what im going to do
    what body work are you doing ?
    i was thinking of tinting my lights too (r32 dark) how dark are you going ?
    yea a mate told me about that a few weeks ago, ill be heading down too
    i personally think you should get coilovers first but your decision :)
    she used to teach me !! :O is he into the modifying scene ?
    sounds like a good birthday list lol
    are you not gonna change the rear bumper ?
    whats your mates mum called ? :O
    i know, im lucky enough to have a dad with a bit of money to throw about lol
    i was talking to a guy in work tonight who drove past that meet in sprucefield, he says it looked nuts lol im gonna try get down to the next one :)
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